Active sports park Moers relies on State of the art technology

With the biometric recognition system “Milonizer” are in the active sports park Moers captures the body mass of the members and for the implementation of a fast practice starts in the Melon circuit individually stored. So deposited data when evaluating the personal workout help staff.

The “Milonizer” provides for the individual identification of the Member. This way saves lot of time when setting up the equipment in the training process. The time saved can then be implemented in effective training. In addition, fitness experts of the active sports park can enter even more on the personal needs of the individual Member. The “Milonizer” is a biometric recognition system automatically. And in a matter of seconds covering the body mass of the sportsman. The values so determined are processed and sent to the Milon devices. Each individual station automatically adjusts itself, set on the individual data of the Member.

In addition to the actual Milon circuit training, which can be up to 30 percent more effective than other conventional methods of movement, interpretation of personal results is important for Aylin Wolf. “Against the background of the sophisticated chip cards control the Milon training devices, it is important that all muscle groups in an optimal ratio to each other be trained”, Milon expert Aylin Wolf advises. “To compensate so called imbalances, we evaluate regularly the results of training with our members. Quickly we can respond and feed devices with updated data.’

G√ľnther final man sets much value on a specific evaluation and adjustment the exercise intensity. On the advice of his doctor, the pensioners trained for more than four years in the active sports park Moers. “Especially the Milon circuit has done to me”, says the 67. “I did competitive sport for a lifetime. So my muscle substance is not completely lost and my flexibility is retained, I decided to this quick and easy but above all effective total body workout.” He is thrilled not only by the training. “Periodically I evaluate the results of the employees. So we can determine together whether the intensity of the loads have to be adapted.” A guarantee that final Kondabathula feels fit. This is confirmed him regularly by medical page of the health check.